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Warcraft III CD Key for 5 euros
  Achoo, Aug 18 2013

Hey, I'm bored, willing to pay 5 euros for a WarIII CD Key, can send money on (french site). Send PM.

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Life sucks
  Achoo, Sep 06 2011

Period. Women are whores ... shame it took me so long to realize it, use them and ditch them ! Dat is all. Best drunk advice I ever gave in my life.

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Quits finally
  Achoo, May 19 2010

I noticed recently that poker affects my mood, when bad beats/suck outs/coolers suddenly happen over and over for no reasons, i get semi-tilted and overall in a bad mood for the whole day. It changes my attitude towards people and i just can't let that happen. It was a hobby for me and i do enjoy playing, but it doesnt worth it, even for the couple of k$ i make a year from this hobby.

So i'm out ! I'd rather do something else that earns me 0 bucks than get in an emotional rollercoaster for scratches... So i will either spend the last 3k left on my account on donkaments for the lulz OR withdraw and go on a nice trip with my friends. Option 2 seems the most ev+, probably will go for that. Anyways, good luck to everybody, won't visit this site anymore except for the ROFL thread. Tchussssss

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